Bike Aboard!

Bike Aboard season is here! 

Whether you're a confident cyclist or a pint-sized learner with training wheels, you can ride your way to better health. Bike Aboard! allows cyclists to bike the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail in one direction and ride the train in the other. You can flag down the train and bring your bike aboard and ride for only $3!


Boarding Instructions:

  • The train can be flagged down at boarding stations when standing on the station deck with your bike.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the train’s scheduled arrival.
  • Pay your fare when you board.

Bike Aboard! Schedule

June - October: Wednesday-Sunday
  South North South North South North
Rockside 9:00am 12:10pm 12:45pm 4:05pm 4:25pm 7:30pm
Brecksville 9:20am 11:45am 1:15pm 3:45pm 4:45pm 7:10pm
Boston Mill 9:30am 11:35am 1:25pm 3:35pm 4:55pm 7:00pm
Peninsula 9:40am 11:30am 1:40pm 3:30pm 5:10pm 6:50pm
Indigo Lake 10:00am 11:10am 1:55pm 3:10pm 5:25pm 6:35pm
Botzum 10:10am 11:00am 2:05pm 2:55pm 5:35pm 6:25pm
Akron 10:30am 10:45am 2:25pm 2:40pm 5:55pm 6:10pm


**Starting Wednesday, June 17, CVSR will no longer stop at the Canal Exploration (CEC) Boarding Station. National Park Service (NPS) is closing the Hillside Pedestrian Bridge over Cuyahoga River until further notice due to safety concerns raised by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).  No detour is provided, however, options for alternative pedestrian access are being explored.

One Way Only: $3 per person, ages 3 and up with your bike.
Exact fare is appreciated. No guaranteed seats. This rate only applies to bicyclists. This is only available once per day - one way - in between stations.

Run Aboard! and Hike Aboard!

Runners and Hikers can now take the FIRST train southbound or the LAST train northbound each day the train operates (1-way only) and receive the special $3 rate. All other times require a $9 one-way ticket.

Towpath Mileage Between Boarding Stations

Rockside – Canal Exploration Center 1.75 miles
Canal Exploration Center - Brecksville 4.5 miles
Brecksville - Boston Mill 4.25 miles
Boston Mill - Peninsula 2.5 miles
Peninsula - Indigo Lake 4 miles
Indigo Lake - Botzum 3 miles
Botzum - Akron Northside 6 miles
Do you want to ride, but currently lack a bike?
There are places along the trail where you can rent a bike for a few hours and enjoy the trail, and Bike Aboard!
Cleveland Bike Tours
Century Cycles

Blimp City Bike & Hike
1720A Merriman Rd., Akron, OH 44313
(330) 836-6600

Akron Bike Center
110 N. Main Street, Akron, OH 44308
(330) 376-5120




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