Equipment Roster

#6771 (EX. CN #6771) FPA-4
Sponsored by BF Goodrich
Acquired in 1993
#6777 (EX. CN #6777) FPA-4
Sponsored by Goodyear
Acquired in 1994
B&O #800 (EX. CN #6780) FPA-4
Acquired in 2001
#6767 (CN #6767)FPA-4
Acquired in 2001

The locomotives above (#6771, #6777, #800, #6767 ) were built in 1959 by the Montreal Locomotive Works for the Canadian National Railroad. Only 36 FPA-4 locomotives were built between 1-/58 and 5/59, all of these were built for the Canadian National Railroad. These Locomotives are streamlined cab units and used mainly between Montreal and Toronto for high speed passenger service. It was capable of speeds in excess of 90 MPH.

#365 (EX. Atlantic Coastline #127) C420 This ALCO locomotive was built in 1965 for the Atlantic Coastline. It spent time at the L&N and Indiana Hirail before we purchased it in 2001.
#1689 This locomotive was built by ALCO in 1954 for the Chicago North Western. It is currently owned by B&K engineering. The CVSR restored the engine to it's as built appearance in 2003.
#1822 (EX. CP #8779) RS-18 Road/Switcher This locomotive was built by the Montreal Locomotive Works in 1958 for the Canadian Pacific Railroad. Before being converted to a short hood locomotive by the CP railroad, the #1822 was numbered #8776. This locomotive was capable of going around 75 MPH. The CVSR acquired this locomotive in fall of 1998.

Sponsored by Northern Ohio Golf Charities
#4099 (EX D&H #4099) RS-3 Road/Switcher This locomotive was built in 1952 by the American Locomotive Company (ALCO) in Schenectady, New York for the Delaware & Hudson Railroad. The D&H primarily used the 4099 in freight service and at times in passenger service. This locomotive is capable of speeds around 65 MPH. The CVSR bought this locomotive in 1989.
#4241 (EX CP #4241) C424 This locomotive was built by MLW in 1966 for the CP railroad. We aquired it from Buffalo Southern Railroad in 2003. It has a 16 cylinder, turbo charged 251 engine.
#M-3 RDC-3 The M-3 was built in 1950 for the New York, Susquehanna & Western. It was later sold to the Central of New Jersey where is was renumbered 560. We purchased it from Corydon Scenic Railroad in 2003. It has 2 Cummins, turbo charged engines with twin disc automatic 2 speed transmissions.


Passenger Equipment

#1 - Observation Car The St. Lucie Sound was originally on the Florida East Coast Line Railroad. In 1995 the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad acquired this car. It has a bar, sleeping quarters, etched glass and a large lounge area. This car is used for our first class charters.

In memory of Dennis Haslinger

#89 - Concession Car This "Lonestar" was built by the Pullman Company for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and named the "Shenango". It was used for overnight service between major cities in the east. It contained 10 roomettes and 6 double bedrooms. In 1970, the "Shenango" was purchased by the Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus for use on their Red and Blue Circus Trains. At that time the car was gutted and reworked. 21 small rooms were constructed for the use of the circus performers while on the road. In 1993, the CVSR acquired this car. It was once again reworked to become our main concession car.

In memory of and Sponsored by
Richard William Corns, University of Akron Lonestar Fraternity

#110 - #114 Coaches These coaches are streamlined, stainless steel, air conditioned, heated and were built in 1939 by the Budd Company. They were first owned and operated by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad. They were purchased by the Penn Central in 1968 and converted to commuter cars. Later, they were owned by the New Jersey Transit and subsequently by the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railroad. The CR&ICRR refitted the cars for excursion service. They were purchased by the CVSR in the spring of 1994. Several donors in the Cleveland/Akron area have facilitated the purchase of these cars through their generosity. They are listed below.

Sponsored by Mary S. & David C. Corbin
Sponsored by Dr. R. Richard Renner & Jennie S. Renner
Sponsored by Canton area foundations in honor of General John Stark

#161 - #169 Coaches EX-Maryland Department of Transportation. Theses coaches are on lease from the Akron METRO Regional Transit Authority.

Named in memory of Alfred M. Green
Named in honor of Anne Farnham

Named in honor of Jesse Angel Hall
Sponsored by Key Bank

Named in honor of Simon Perkins
Named Spirit of Summit

#688 Power Car This car was built in 1951 as an Army Kitchen car. It was rebuilt by Amtrak in the early 1970s as a Head End Power car. It has 2 Detroit V12 271 engines with 2 super and 2 turbo chargers per engine. Each engine is connected to a 375 KW generator.

#727 - Combine The Fort Mitchell is our wheelchair accessible coach. It was originally on the Central of Georgia. The CVSR acquired this car in 1995. It was reworked by the Northern Railcar company in the spring of 1998. It now contains 36 seats which can fold up and make room for wheelchairs. The baggage end contains the wheelchair lifts and a small counter.

Sponsored by Invacare

#2914 - Coach This coach was built in 1948 by the Budd Car Company for the New York Central. It was acquired from the Northern Central in May of 1999.

Sponsored by A.A. Augustus

#3450 - Baggage
#6217 - Coach This coach was built by the Budd Company in 1947 for the Seaboard Coast Line. The CVSR acquired this coach in November of 1996.
#8700 - Cafe This car is an ex-Amtak Buffet car was originally on the Southern Pacific and built in 1950 as a lunch counter diner. It was rebuilt by Amtrak in 1984 as a buffet and saw service on the Auto Train. We acquired in early 2002.

#9084 -Baggage Car The Baggage Car was built circa WWI by the American Car and Foundry for the Grand Trunk Western Railroad. Is was originally a baggage car used primarily for baggage and bulk mail. The CVSR acquired this car in 1992 and has used it for a bicycle car.

Sponsored by First Merit Bank

#9084 -Baggage Car


#54 - Track Truck - No railroad would be complete without a track truck!

Sponsored by Dominion East Ohio

Other Equipment
Box Car
Box Car
Box Car
Box Car
Box Car
Flat Car
Flat Car
*Most of the above pictures courtesy of Larry Blanchard, CVSR Engineer

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