Steam in the Valley 2013


Steam in the Valley 2013

Featuring Special Guest from the Fort Wayne Historical Society - the NKP 765

CVSR will be welcoming the historic steam engine:  The Nickel Plate Road 2-8-4 Berkshire No. 765 this September.  This locomotive  is a high-stepping, fourteen wheeled magnificent machine that stands 15 feet tall, weighs 404 tons and goes over 60 miles per hour.  It has been restored to the way it looked and sounded when it was built by the Lima Locomotive Works in 1944.  This engine is the largest operating steam locomotive east of the Mississippi, and is the pride of the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society.

See the video from the 2011 visit HERE

NEW for 2013: 

You will have the rare opportunity to ride in authentic Nickel Plate Road passenger cars pulled by Nickel Plate Road steam locomotive #765!!

CVSR has leased coach cars #62 & #90 from the Midwest Railway Preservation Society for this special event.

Built in the 1930’s, both of these passenger cars have been maintained to their original open window configuration, which creates a unique chance to experience the sound and smell of a large steam locomotive at work! 

Movie buffs may also recognize these historic cars from the 1984 movie “The Natural”, where they co-starred alongside famous actor Robert Redford.

Tickets for these historic events are expected to sell out fast!



Here are the great excursions CVSR has planned with this great locomotive pulling our passenger cars:

September 13th: "A Night at The Fitz"

A Glamorous Evening affair at Fitzwater Maintenance Yard.

Enjoy this 1920's themed party with cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, Live Music,  a Tour of Fitzwater, climb the Stairway to Steam to glance inside the cab of the NKP 765 Steam Locomotive and more!

Come DRESSED UP!  Wear a flapper dress, or your best suit - dress like Gatsby, it will be a hoot!  Casual attire is just fine, as well.

6 - 8:30 pm

Tickets (a portion of which are tax-deductible) are on sale HERE


September 7th    Steam in the Valley /  2-Hour Round Trips  ** THESE TRIPS ARE BOTH SOLD OUT**

Brecksville Station address is:

13512 Station Rd., Brecksville, OH 44141

The departures are at 9:30 am and 1:30 pm


The Rt. 82 bridge between Sagamore Hills and Brecksville (east of Riverview Rd.) will be CLOSED on September 7th.  The detour to take, if you are traveling WEST on Rt. 82 (from I-271 and Rt. 8 south) is to turn south on to Boyden Road.  Follow Boyden to Highland Drive/Vaughn Rd.  Turn RIGHT on to Highland Drive/Vaughn Rd.  Turn RIGHT on to Riverview Rd.  The station entrance will be approximately 3 miles on your right.  Look for the signs.

If you are coming north on Rt. 8, take Rt. 303 west to Riverview Rd.  Turn north on Riverview and follow all the way to the entrance drive for the Brecksville Station.  Your trip in unaffected by the detour.

Due to limited parking, only ticket holders will be allowed in the parking lot of the station.


September 7th - Great Train Robbery & BBQ

Take a trip into the Wild West as we explore the advent of the railroad and the new generation of outlaws it spurred!  You never know who you might be seated next to! 

The train departs from the Rockside Station at 5:00 pm

The train will take you to Howe Meadow for a BBQ Buffet dinner and bon fire.  The train will depart at 7:30 for the return ride back to Rockside.

Tickets range from $45 - $60.  .

Go HERE to get yours!                                                   

(There is a $2 processing fee for each ticket)


September 8th - Steam in the Valley 2-Hour Round Trips

Steam in the Valley departing the Akron Northside Station where you can enjoy a two-hour round trip through Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  A photo run-by will be offered along the way!

Kirbie's Meats and Catering will be on hand selling sausage and pulled pork sandwiches and quarter pound hotdogs!

Choose either the 11:30 am departure, 2:45 pm or 6:30 pm

Tickets are $23 for Coach Seating, $25 for the NKP Open Air Coach seats, $36 for Deluxe, and  $50 for Upper Dome and Executive Seating!

Go HERE for tickets at the 11:30 departure

Go HERE for tickets for the 2:45 pm departure

Go HERE for tickets for the 6:30 pm departure


September 8 - Dinner with Abraham Lincoln and His Generals and the History of the Valley Railway Tour

The NKP 765 will be pulling the train cars on this historic and educational excursion traveling through the Cuyahoga Valley. The 16th US President and two of his best Civil War generals, Ulysses S. Grant and James A. Garfield (both from Ohio) share their recollections of the War Between the States.  They explain their military pasts, how the war effected them, and reveal how they crossed paths.  Their frustrations and accomplishments are discussed as well as some of the humorous situations they encountered from 1861 to 1865.

A buffet dinner will be included.

Cash bar will be open.

Train departs the Akron Northside Station at 6:30 p.m.

Tickets range from $55 - $75 each

Go HERE to get yours!


September 13th: Night Photo Shoot at Fitzwater Maintenance Yard

9:00 p.m.  SOLD OUT

Capture the raw steel, steam and lights in the dark, when the NKP 765 sits side-by-side with CVSR's locomotives.  Great photo opportunities in a professionally lit arena.

Limited to only 35 participants.  Tickets are $35 each (includes the $2 processing fee)


September 14th: Steam in the Valley / 2-Hour round trips

Depart the Brecksville Station at either 9:30 or 1:30 p.m. with the NKP 765 at the helm.  There will be a photo run-by along the way. Choose from seating in the Nickleplate open air coaches, CVSR climate controlled coaches, The Dining Car (Lone Star), Emerson Dome Car or the St. Lucie.  Tickets range from $23 - $50.

The Brecksville Station is located at 13512 Station Rd., Brecksville, OH 44141

Kirbie's Meats & Catering will be at the station selling  sausage and pulled pork sandwiches.

Buy Your Tickets for 9:30 am on September 14th HERE

Buy Your Tickets for 1:30 pm on September 14th HERE


September 14th: Murder Aboard the NKP 765 Express

Five Card Draw - The Smell of Gunsmoke    A Murder Mystery presented by Get Away with Murder on board the NKP 765 Murder Mystery Dinner Train Excursion

In the years following the Civil War, enterprising merchants are joining the growing number of settlers in the Western Territories, with dozens of small towns springing up almost overnight. One such place will become the legendary town of Studebaker.

The main street of Studebaker is bustling with activity. In the center of town is the Short Branch Saloon, owned and operated by Miss Smitty. Directly across the street is Poker Alice's Boarding House, where two visitors from the East recently took rooms: Alexander Morgan, the railroad tycoon, and his lawyer, E. Lies.

The town is in turmoil since their arrival. Morgan has been buying land rights in order to expand his rail line west to Studebaker. But even though poor Jonas Altevirth could desperately use the money to pay his delinquent mortgage, he has refused to sell his beloved land.

Tradegy is inevitable. Last night, Jonas was drawn into a card game at the saloon with Morgan, Poker Alice and the banker, Isaiah Cash. The result: Morgan got the deed without having to pay a cent. A few hours later, Tess Altervith screamed from the Boarding House, she had found Alexander Morgan dead in his room. Doc confirmed he had been strangled.

If Marshall Villon doesn't arrest someone soon, a lynch mob will save him the trouble...of gunsmoke.
The train departs Boston Mills Station at 6:30 pm

Order ticket by the Boxed dinner you choose:
Adult Option #1:
Campfire Roasted Chicken w/Gravy, mashed potatoes, simmered green beans/potatoes/bacon, molasses biscuit and apple crisp

Adult Option #2:
Smoked Beef brisket, mashed potatoes, simmered green beans/potatoes/ bacon, molasses biscuits and apple crisp

Adult Option #3 (vegetarian)
Vegetarian chili, mashed potatoes, simmered green beans/potatoes, corn muffin and apple crisp

Child Option #1:
Campfire Roasted Chicken w/gravy, mashed potatoes, simmered green beans/potatoes/bacon, campfire cookie

Child Option #2:
Wagon Wheel Macaroni and Cheese, simmered green beans/potatoes, campfire cookie

Train ride is two hours in length.
Park at Boston Mills Ski Resort - 7100 Riverview Rd., Peninsula, OH 44264

Tickets are $55 for adults / $45 kids  Go HERE


September 15:   Steam Days in Boston

Enjoy these 1 hour round trips with the NKP 765 at the helm!  Kirbie's Meats and Catering will be on hand selling sausage and pulled pork sandwiches and quarter pound hotdogs!

Departures from Boston Mills Station at 10:15 am, 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm

(Parking is at Boston Mills Ski Resort - located at 7100 Riverview Rd., Peninsula, OH 44264)

Tickets range from $15 to $35

10:15 am Tickets HERE

12:30 pm Tickets HERE

2:30 pm Tickets HERE

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